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Viking Ice Maker Repair: Keeping It Cool, Not Awful

Stop fretting about your faulty ice maker and let our Viking Ice Maker repair services handle it! Here at Viking Appliance Repair Company, we support your cool lifestyle all the way and want you to always be game!

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Viking Ice Maker Repair Service | Viking Appliance Repair Company

Viking Ice Maker Repair Service: Making It Icy and Icier

Our Viking Ice Maker Repair Service will have your cool lifestyle going with an iced lemonade in hand. We know how important that can be, so we are here to help you be better than agonizing over your defective ice maker units and make the most out of life—and your appliances.

Viking is a well-known high-end appliance company that has been around for decades. They are more than simply designers of high-end, exquisite appliances for world-class restaurants. To serve a large number of clients quickly and efficiently for the longest period of time possible, they place a huge emphasis on durability in every creation.

People from all around the world have trusted and relied on Viking appliances to provide high technology and long-lived power. It is a critically-acclaimed brand, praised by chefs and homeowners alike. But with time and constant usage, even elite appliances reach their limit and eventually exhaust their glory.

Here at Viking Appliance Repair Company, we have specialists on staff who will evaluate a variety of Viking appliances and provide our clients with expert advice and up-to-date judgment to keep their malfunctioning devices in peak working order again after our repair service. We strongly believe that one can still go on and reclaim their high eminence after a dark phase, and the same goes with appliances.

If your appliance is giving your headaches in the kitchen, you should see our compilation of prevalent issues that appliance owners are also facing below:

  • Viking Ice Maker burnt out indoor light

When you notice that your Viking Ice Maker has burnt out indoor light, this signifies that the bulb illuminating your entire ice maker needs replacement. Although there are instances that you may be able to tweak this yourself, if you are not knowledgeable enough about your ice maker’s technicalities, you may leave this problem to the hands of a professional. Please feel free to contact us whenever troubles with your unit arise, and we will be happy to send an experienced technician to come up with a quick solution.

  • Viking Ice Maker running water noise

There are two common possibilities why you are hearing your Viking Ice Maker running water noise; one, you have nothing to be worried about and one that should bother you. For the former, it is normal for your ice maker to run a rinse cycle before its main function is fully activated to harden your ice. It produces a high-pitched sound when doing so. For the latter, if it sounds odd and pretty alarming, like debris stuck within a running motor, it could signify a failing compressor or condenser fan motor. It is best to stop using your ice maker for a while until you get it checked by one of our appliance specialists to identify the problem accurately. 

  • Viking Ice Maker unit makes a vibrating sound

When your Viking Ice Maker unit makes a vibrating sound, it could imply that your ice maker is not linked to its water supply but switched on. One of our repair specialists can tweak this in no time or even determine the root cause of a potentially serious issue that easily escaped your notice. Connect with us as soon as you can for a consultation. You may also book your appointment with us at any time that is convenient for you.

  • Viking Ice Maker keeps beeping

If your Viking Ice Maker keeps beeping, the high temperature sensor has been activated. Evidently, it is not a good sign since it can indicate a shorted thermistor. It can also signify that your auto-defrost function is defective and is causing an excessive buildup of ice. Do not hesitate to reach out to our customer care department directly and share the details regarding your problem so that our designated appliance experts can attend to your needs as soon as possible.

  • Viking Ice Maker runs constantly

When your Viking Ice Maker runs constantly, try to remove the water supply tube from the wall socket. If the water keeps on running after you unplug the ice maker unit, it clearly indicates that the valve is clogged and must be replaced. Know that we are always ready to cater to whatever needs you may have with your appliances. Kindly get in touch with our repair technicians detailing the issues you are experiencing and let them provide quick and efficient solutions.

  • Viking Ice Maker broken temperature control thermostat

Experiencing a Viking Ice Maker with a broken temperature control thermostat can be very devastating when you need to get your iced coffee fix for the day, except the ice is missing because the liquid in the ice mold tray remains as water. If you have a broken thermostat for your ice maker, feel free to get in touch with us right away so that we can identify the root cause of the problem and have our repair experts get into their work as soon as possible.

  • Viking Ice Maker defective thermistor

When suspecting a Viking Ice Maker defective thermistor, reach out to our appliance experts right away to accurately figure out what to do with this problem. The freezer thermistor and the fresh food thermistors transmit signals to the main control board to determine the performance you want your fridge to behave like. The refrigerator will not keep cold if one of the thermistors is broken.

  • Viking Ice Maker air damper can't open

When your Viking Ice Maker air damper can't open, it can be due to a broken freezer thermistor. It failed to send signals to your fridge’s control board and provide the necessary temperature for your ice maker. Frost would have no way of adequately building up to harden ice for drink consumption. Do not hesitate to contact us when you are in need of installation and repair services. Our maintenance experts are certified and well-trained to resolve any ice maker problem you may have.

  • Viking Ice Maker defective user control

A Viking Ice Maker defective user control will begin manifesting sooner if improper use is exercised. This will result in your inability to press the buttons to control temperatures and other components needed for your ice maker to fully function. Contact our maintenance specialists for further assistance.

  • Viking Ice Maker malfunctioning display board

A Viking Ice Maker malfunctioning display board may show displays of erratic behavior within the ice maker, such as temperature downgrade and water in the ice tray staying liquid instead of turning into ice. At first, you may think that the decline in your ice maker’s performance is temporary, but this is one of the most common mistakes that people make upon noticing that their unit is manifesting defects; they let it be. Once your appliances start showing signs of dysfunction, please reach out to us right away to determine an appropriate solution and get them back to good working order again.

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