How To Turn Off the Alarm of Viking Refrigerator

May 6, 2022
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Modern refrigerators like Viking have these alert features that will let you know that something is going on with the unit that needs your immediate attention. There are different indications for the alarm to go on, and it is vital to understand what can cause it to happen and how to fix it or turn it off. You may wonder, How do I turn the alarm off on my Viking refrigerator?

If there is an ongoing problem with your Thermador refrigerator, there are different possible reasons for it to happen. It can be due to faulty parts, which require a Viking Built-in Refrigerator Repair. Fortunately, Viking Appliance Repair in Santa Clarita provides you with the best quality of repair services and Viking Freestanding Refrigerator Repair. The team of qualified repair technicians will ensure to thoroughly check the issue before executing the right solution with the help of the right tools and equipment for the job.

If you always hear the alarm of your Viking refrigerator, you could turn this off by making sure to shut the door properly. If you need the door open or feel the alarm is not functioning as it should be, deactivate the alarm by pressing the “Alarm Off” or “Options” and then select “Door Alarm is On.” Depending on your refrigerator model, either option will stop the alarm’s beeping.

You can also check the freezer section of your fridge. If your fridge doesn’t have an auto-defrost function, then the excessive ice buildup in the freezer unit can cause the beeping alarm. If you also see a lot of ice buildup in its icebox or the freezer, switch off the refrigerator and let the ice melt. Once the unit is defrosted, the beeping should already stop.

If you prefer that your Viking refrigerator won’t sound the alarm regardless of if there’s any problem, you can turn all of the alarm functions off. Once this is done, the refrigerator unit won’t alert you anymore if there are any temperature changes, door opening, or any other malfunction. Follow the steps provided on your fridge’s control panel main menu to be able to turn off all the alarm sounds of it.

  1. Press “User Settings”
  2. Keep Pressing “More Settings: until “Alarm Sound is On” displays.
  3. Press “Alarm Sound is On once. It should already change to “Alarm Sound is Off.”
  4. Press “Done” to confirm the settings and return to the main menu.

If your Viking refrigerator is still alarming, it may be best to consider a professional repair service, even if you have gone through the steps mentioned. Let Viking Appliance Repair Company assist you.