Why You Should Regularly Clean Your Viking Rangetop?

March 18, 2022
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We all know that a rangetop is one of the most used appliances in our homes, especially if we love to prepare meals for family and friends. But, ranges are also the most neglected, and we forget to clean them more often than we think. So, when damages arise, we are shocked, but it is mainly our fault. You should know how to clean your rangetops and maintain them to last for more years to come.

There’s also a lot of debate on the topic of cooktops vs. rangetops, and the best one to use is the one that’s most convenient for you. So, if you are using a rangetop, read the following to know why it’s important that you keep your rangetop sparkly clean.

  • So your rangetop is always ready for use.

Regularly cleaning your rangetop will save you time, especially if you need to use them right away. You are ensured that you have a clean slate for cooking your next meal at any time.

  • To avoid broken parts or malfunctions.

When you thoroughly clean your rangetop, you preserve the parts because you are not allowing dirt and grime to stick to them. Dirt and grime, especially from your food,  can negatively affect your range top. If your rangetop is gas, food particles can easily get stuck in holes.  So, it’s better to always clean right after each use.

  • To ensure you are safe when using your rangetop.

Food particles and oils can catch flame, especially if you have a gas stovetop. Blocked igniters could also have a negative effect, for gas won’t come out properly and could cause a fire to start  or an explosion. These tragedies will endanger not only you but also your neighbors and their properties.

Cleaning might look simple, but the reasons behind cleaning your stovetop are important to ensure your safety and the safety of the people around you. So, never neglect your appliances, especially your stovetops, and you’ll always be safe. When damages occur, you’ll need professional Viking rangetop repair to ensure you get the proper repair and maintenance. 

Easy cleaning tips for your Viking rangetop

You can apply these tips to ensure you get a good clean, and so your rangetop functions perfectly at all times.

  • Use chemical-free cleaning agents.

You can watch homemade cleaning agent videos online to create a cleaning agent that’s safe to use on your rangetop. Some cleaning agents in stores have chemicals that could be hard to wash away and cause fires if not cleaned properly. Making your own is more convenient and lessens your worries.

  • Take your time.

Don’t just clean your rangetop; ensure that every corner and hole is clean and dirt-free. Take your time when cleaning so you won’t miss a spot. You don’t have to do this every day, but ensure to wipe off dirt and grime every time you use your rangetop.

  • Schedule a day for cleaning.

You can schedule a day for cleaning your rangetop to ensure you give your full attention to the task. This way, you have a clean and ready-to-use rangetop.

Top Reasons Why Your Viking Rangetop Igniter Is Not Working

Have you ever gone through the excitement of cooking, only to realize your stovetop igniter is not working? It‘s annoying,  right? Here are the top reasons why your igniter is not working and when to get a reliable service from Viking Appliance Repair Company in Palmdale.

  • Your gas feed is clogged.

Your igniter might not be working because your gas feed is clogged. Ensure that you remove any clogged food particles or dirt from your gas feed and check if the igniter works. If not, you need to contact a professional technician to repair or replace it.

  • The spark igniter connection is malfunctioning.

Check the spark igniter connections to ensure that they are properly and tightly connected to the igniter. Sometimes we unconsciously touch the spark igniter when cleaning, causing its wirings to come undone. If there is a problem with your connection, you can ask for an expert technician’s help to get it properly repaired and secured.

  • The igniter itself is broken.

If you checked the igniter wirings and found no issues, the igniter itself is the problem. This problem requires expert hands, so get the services of Viking Appliance Repair Company in Palmdale to replace your igniter.  After the replacement, always make sure that you clean your burner and igniter to use it flawlessly the next time.

  • The igniter harness is damaged.

If the igniter harness is damaged, it can also damage the wirings. Have a professional inspect your stovetop to know what to repair or replace. This way, you could save money by not replacing your stove right away.

These reasons are what you should look out for these reasons when you have a malfunctioning igniter. This problem is easy to resolve, but remember not to do this alone. IIt’sbest to get expert advice and repair to ensure long-lasting functionality.

At Viking Appliance Repair Company, your rangetops will be properly repaired and maintained, so you can enjoy using them for years to come. Therefore, give us a call to fix the, right away!


At Viking Appliance Repair Company, your rangetops will be properly repaired and maintained, so you can enjoy using them for years to come. Therefore, give us a call to fix the, right away!