Viking Freestanding Range Heating Element Not Operative

June 23, 2022
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Viking is known for its professionally-grade kitchen appliances. Even a home cook can experience how it cooks in a professional kitchen. Its powerful burners and other features will make cooking more precise and thorough. Many customers that use the appliance have led to positive Viking range reviews, sharing their experience using the product.

There are different types, styles, and designs, along with the great features of the Viking products that you can choose from. Each one may complement your preference and the design of your kitchen. Although the Viking products are high-end, it is not immune to any breakdowns. A professional freestanding range repair service ensures properly addressing the concerns and providing the right fix.

Whether or wherever you are located and need a professional repair service for your Viking appliance, Viking Appliance Repair Company in Port Washington is here to serve you. An authorized repair service for your Viking appliances will ensure that any minor or major issues will be properly addressed. Using the right tools and equipment for the repair will help to correctly assess the situation. It is vital to find out what causes the problem and to apply the solution that fits the issue.

Although they are known for their precise cooking, you might wonder why you have some problems using your Viking freestanding range, such as when its heating element is not working as it should be. The heating element is an essential and simple part of the appliance that can easily replace in most ovens and ranges. These parts are responsible for creating the needed heat for baking and broiling. They do their purpose by heating up as electric current passes through them.



But, when the heating element is not working, this can affect how the range works. Several factors can cause the issue, such as the following:

Lack Of Incoming Power

Before you assess the faulty part, check the range’s power source and ensure that it provides sufficient electrical power. 

Loose Wiring or Burnt

If the power source of the range is working, there may be loose or burnt wiring which could be responsible for the appliance not working. These small wires are connected to the burner via a receptacle that receives the voltage from the electrical supply. If the wires or the receptacle components are not properly connected or it is burnt out, the voltage won’t reach the burner. 

Defective Surface Element Switch

When the burner’s control knob is turned on, it will prompt to start the switch to send the voltage to the burner to heat up. If the switch is defective, it won’t be able to provide the burner with the voltage, and it needs to heat.

Broken Heating Element

Often, an issue with the heating element can prevent it from heating up. The coil surface burners, for example, can burn out or have some damage such as cracks and breakage, which prevent them from heating. 

Suppose you notice that your Viking freestanding range’s heating element is not working. In that case, it is best to consult a professional repair service like Viking Appliance Repair Company to properly diagnose the problem and do the necessary fix.


If you experience problems with your Viking appliance, contact Viking Appliance Repair Company to schedule an appointment for the repair.